Welcome to Frogblocks

The home of bite-size designs.

You’ve done all the groundwork, now you need a befitting visual design that will set you apart. Problem is, you’ve asked around and been told you’d have to pay through your nose to get a decent design. 


But you don’t want just a design. You want a pretty good design, one you’ll look at and your chest will swell. One that’ll be yours. Forever. 


And there’s that bit about your budget for it; it’s portable in size and definitely not going to pass through your nose. You conclude that getting a custom design [not done by a robot] with your budget seemed a hard nut to crack. Then you found Frogblocks, where bite-sized design projects and portable budgets find their [size]mates. No, it’s not too good to be true.

Great Logos At Ridiculously Good Bargains

It’s like ordering a ride and when the ride pulls up, it’s a car you want your ex to see you in. The butter to that bread is that you discover you’ve been given a chunky discount on the cost. 

That’s the Frogblocks experience. 

Our designers have the experience and expertise that makes sure you get unique logos that meet your preferences at record time. 

Presentation Decks That Win You Pitches

Putting all those hours of research and work on a deck that looks a cross between vertigo and a headache? Definitely a bad decision. Your being here shows you don’t make bad decisions if you can help it. 

You bring the content, we bring the design. Together, we create slides that make your audience actually pay attention to what you’re presenting.


Though you shall pass through the valley of doubt, [let] the work of our hands convince you.